Club Watch at the Lux Lounge

Lux Lounge: As bars go, about as comfortable as home, except that you don’t have to do the dishes.

Look: It’s already in fine Halloween spirit with its address (666 South Ave.) and its decor: red walls, black ceilings, wrought-iron (electric) chandeliers and a horned red figure above the bar. Tabletops feature paintings — for instance, of tabletops. Best seat in the house? The table with fringed edges and two plaster legs poking out from underneath. In the warmer months, use the backyard and patio.

Drink: The alluring, scallop-edged shelves of liquor invite exploration. Thursday — Dum Dum Night — featured a cocktail-and-lollipop combo for $2.50. A draft Blue and a Bass were $7.

Clientele: Bug Jar patrons when they’re not at the Bug Jar. But are there enough alternakids in Rochester to support two alternabars?

What to do: Play pool, read or make use of the numerous board games available. ”Yahtzee is the biggest hit,” says owner Karrie Laughton. On a recent Thursday, no one was taking advantage of the old upright piano: ”I don’t have an entertainment license. It’s just mostly for show, unfortunately.” Laughton founded Arts and Crafts night at her former employer, the Bug Jar, and features it here on Monday nights.

Taste: No kitchen, but Tuesday is PBR/PBJ Night: Pabst Blue Ribbon cans for $1.50 and free peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches.

Bouncer of record: Iron Mike, who has pedaled his bicycle to the Blue Room, Mercury and other establishments around town before settling here. Not sure you remember him? Perhaps the ”Beer” tattoo on his scalp will jog your memory.

Restrooms: We’d know that banana anywhere: The men’s room is signified by Andy Warhol’s cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico. The women’s room is denoted by a peach (artist unknown).

Don’t go here if: Your idea of ’80s music is Journey and Survivor. The jukebox boasts plenty of Talking Heads, Prince and (ironically, we hope) Rod Stewart.

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