Stand Out on the Town


Jul 18, 2018



Lux Lounge

666 South Avenue

Rochester, New York 14620

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Description from Facebook Event Page: We’re teaming up with Rochester Pedal Tours to bring you to some of the oldest gay bars in the city. Join us from 6-10pm as we stand out and make our way to the Avenue Pub, 140 Alex, Bachelor Forum, and Lux Lounge. Enjoy the beautiful weather on the pedal tour, celebrate Pride week, and support local businesses! Whether you’re a regular at any of the four stops, or you’ve never stepped foot in a single one, Stand Out on the Town will surely bring you an evening of fun. All four bars offer fantastic drinks, great prices, and wonderful atmospheres. Soak up some sun on the patios, or play a quick game of pool before taking off to the next location! Rochester Pedal Tours encourage riders to wear finest Pride attire so we’ll be sure to stand out and show our pride!

Roc Pride icon: Bayard Rustin

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LUX LOUNGE | 666 South Avenue, Rochester, New York| PHONE: 585.232.9030 | EMAIL: Click here