Lux Loungin’

Two new local watering holes have sprung up at the tail end of this summer’s drought. The most recent is [b]Lux Lounge[/b], located at the slightly Satanic address at 666 South Avenue. Freelance photographer Karrie Laughton (whose work has previously appeared in City) opened the hipster hangout in early September, and it soon attracted a flock of jaded, black-clad bohemians (read: she invited her former colleagues at City to help celebrate the opening).

As the name implies, the Lounge has a laidback yet classy atmosphere. That is, it’s kinda dim inside. There’s cool artwork on the walls and some funky furnishings, like a table that literally has legs. Any air of pretentiousness is filtered by the presence of a blue-collar rock-stocked jukebox and a backyard full of enough picnic tables to seat a family reunion. Lux opens late (9 p.m.), apparently to accommodate vampires during long summer evenings….

LUX LOUNGE | 666 South Avenue, Rochester, New York| PHONE: 585.232.9030 | EMAIL: Click here