BYO popcorn and makeout date

Karrie Laughton, headmistress of Lux Lounge, is a rabid movie buff who counts among her favorite filmmakers men like Wes Anderson and Jim Jarmusch. Yet despite quality taste in film, she readily cops to a soft spot for B movies, or flicks “so over-the-top ridiculous that you can’t help but chuckle.” Laughton doesn’t think that […]


Posted on August 3rd, 2005

Running a bar one hell of a job

Despite the ominous “666” on the building of Lux Lounge in Rochester’s South Wedge, the bar can easily be compared to Cheers, with a funky, eclectic, ultraphip aftertaste. Thanks to owner Karrie Laughton’s creative energy, the once-gutted space at 666 South Ave. has provided many Rochester bar-goers with an alternative to “meat markets.” After recently […]


Posted on November 22nd, 2004

Club Watch at the Lux Lounge

Lux Lounge: As bars go, about as comfortable as home, except that you don’t have to do the dishes. Look: It’s already in fine Halloween spirit with its address (666 South Ave.) and its decor: red walls, black ceilings, wrought-iron (electric) chandeliers and a horned red figure above the bar. Tabletops feature paintings — for […]


Posted on October 1st, 2002

Lux Loungin’

Two new local watering holes have sprung up at the tail end of this summer’s drought. The most recent is [b]Lux Lounge[/b], located at the slightly Satanic address at 666 South Avenue. Freelance photographer Karrie Laughton (whose work has previously appeared in City) opened the hipster hangout in early September, and it soon attracted a […]


Posted on September 11th, 2002

LUX LOUNGE | 666 South Avenue, Rochester, New York| PHONE: 585.232.9030 | EMAIL: Click here